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Subaru Motorsports:
2012 Q+A



How do you prepare for individual races? Do you have a routine?


Andrew Aquilante: “Kind of rushed, I guess you could say, depending on what the schedule is for the weekend. There are some times when we have practice and qualifying before the race.


“In a way it’s probably good because you don’t dwell on things, overthinking the race. You get up and you just do it.


“From a standpoint of car, yes, it’s less rushed. From the standpoint of kind of making sure everything’s in line, I would say they’re more rushed because of doing the fan walks. Doing that sort of thing, you kind of lose an hour of time to prepare things on the car. In terms of working on it, in terms of mentally preparing as a driver, to me it’s more of a rush.


“I’m much more laid back. You know: five-minute warning; time to get in the car … let’s go.


“I’m not one of these persons who stands around in their driver’s suit all day.”


Bret Spaude: “I wake up, put my pants on like everybody else. Race day preparation for me is just not to let the excitement and nerves overcome you. If you get too nervous or you get too antsy, you can psych yourself right out of a good start.


“Nine times out of 10, no matter how nervous or how knotted up your stomach is, by the time the green flag goes, you kind of forget about it. You can be nervous right up until you see it, and as soon as you’ve seen the green flag, it’s gone. It’s kind of weird, but that’s how it happens.”


Do you have any superstitions on race day?


Andrew Aquilante: “Not really. You can try to have em. You think you have one that works, and then when it doesn’t, you’re like, “Neh, whatever, who cares.” 


Bret Spaude: “No. I like to pretend I do. For a while there … crazy-colored socks; but other than that, there’s nothing too big.”


Do you request any special meals on race day or any other accommodations?


Andrew Aquilante: No.”

Bret Spaude: “No. I’m pretty easy. I’ll eat whatever that Mark [McCarthy – SRRT transport driver and chef – ] cooks. Every now and then I might suggest that something happens one way or another.  We’ve got a pretty good cook. Mark’s got some pretty good steak; awesome chicken; those ribs he’s found from when we were up in Wisconsin up at Road America, those were pretty good. He makes this rice mush, too, that’s got a sauce in it.


“Mark does pretty good; he’s a pretty good cook.”


Do you prefer wet or dry weather driving?


Andrew Aquilante: “Dry.”


Bret Spaude: “Dry.”


White or chocolate milk?


Andrew Aquilante: “White 2%.”


Bret Spaude: “Chocolate.”


Favorite food?


Andrew Aquilante: “Steak.”


Bret Spaude: “Japanese.”


Favorite vegetable?


Andrew Aquilante: “Cucumber.”


Bret Spaude: “Green beans.”


Right-handed or left-handed?


Andrew Aquilante: “Left.”


Bret Spaude: “Right-handed, but I do many things with my left hand, also. It’s weird.”


Pepsi or Coke?


Andrew Aquilante: “Coke.”


Bret Spaude: “Pepsi, if it’s dark soda; Sprite if it’s clear soda.”



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