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The Mountain Said, No!
Rebuilding the Zenkai WRX STI

Interior Modifications


  • After all radio equipment was removed, Gary Harding put together a custom plate – ready for gauges – to fit the gap.
  • Zenkai also installed a brand-new GTSPEC orange-trimmed, D-Shape steering wheel.



Around the Exterior


  • A concerted effort toward weight reduction included the incorporation of lightweight Seibon carbon-fiber doors, rear hatch, and hood to complement the car’s new color scheme.
  • After testing, custom aerodynamic parts will be fabricated to complement the C-West aero kit carried over from the Pikes Peak setup.
  • Side mirrors are by Prodrive.
  • 5ZIGEN wheels are currently on the car, along with Yokohama tires (these will be changed out for racing tires for the first track day).
  • Carbonetic Limited-Slip Differentials for both the rear and center differentials took the places of the stock units.
  • GTSPEC’s 4-point ladder brace, trailing arms, lateral arms, and toe arms give additional stability and adjustability to allow proper settings for each track on which the team competes. The hillclimb car’s custom TEIN suspension was rebuilt to help maintain stability while on track.






Looking Forward … and Backward


While their 2012 race season will not include a full run for series points, the team is hopeful for a solid run in 2013.


Life off the track is lived out in a service bay at Subaru of Las Vegas, where the Zenkai Motorsports WRX STI sits surrounded by remnants of times past. The original doors, carbon-fiber hood, and fiberglass side skirts that were damaged during their Pikes Peak attempt all hang from beams on the wall – a constant reminder of how dangerous racing can be and how quickly a good day can take a turn for the worse just around the next curve.


Author Chris Robinson is the PR manager for the Zenkai Motorsports Team and Subaru of Las Vegas.


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