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Driving through West Virginia on the way to a race last May, I pulled off the interstate to fill up the car with fuel. I noticed that a Forester started following me after I turned off the exit ramp. When I stopped, the driver jumped out of his car and came over to ask, "Is that it? Is that the car in the Subaru magazine?"


The most exciting part about having the Drive Performance WRX (DP WRX) to take to events is how many of our readers recognize it and stop us to talk about it. The Forester driver was just one of many. We’ve been asked for walkarounds, for explanations about what the car really is, and to play the audio system to hear the subwoofer. We’ve been told, "I know that car!" when we drive into event venues. The DP WRX has given us opportunities for contact with a good number of people we might not have met otherwise. (Thanks for coming up to talk!)



Around the Country


We’ve driven the DP WRX to road races, rallies, and performance events around the country from our home base in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The car has been as far west as Miller Motorsports Park near Salt Lake City, Utah, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It has gone to Alabama and Florida (as far south as Daytona Beach). It has traveled to Maine and the other New England states (with the exception of Rhode Island).


Although many of the car’s miles were driven at speed on interstate highways, we also took the car on a number of back roads – some by design and some by fortune. It has transported us up mountainsides in New Hampshire, West Virginia, Colorado, and Utah. We’ve coursed along tortuously twisted two-lane highways, through brooks running over the road, and up and down steep gravel trails.


We always looked forward to taking the DP WRX on the road.


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