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Rally in America

  Photo: Lars Gange |

The competitive landscape for rally teams in the United States has expanded. Here’s a review of those events called "rally" in which Subaru Rally Team USA participates.


The 2010 season was an evolutionary one for rally in the United States. National stage rallies sanctioned by Rally America took place at six venues, and the Rally America National Championship was completed in July. Then, at X Games 16 Rally at the end of July, Rally America announced a name change to "RallyCar™." In addition, all year that sanctioning body had promoted its introduction of Rallycross at New Jersey Motorsports Park (near Millville) at the end of August.

Four types of rally events have emerged from all of this: stage rally in the form of the Rally America National Championship, X Games Rally Car Racing, X Games SuperRally, and RallyCar Rallycross. The rhythms of these four types of events are different. In concept, teams can take their cars from one to another, but setup parameters, rules, and regulations vary.


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