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Driving Impressions:
Subaru Performance Tuning –
Enhancing the Journey

Two cars in two days: Within the confines of 33 hours, we take to the mountains in a 2009 Impreza WRX and WRX STI – both equipped with SPT performance parts.


Schedules are no friends to those of us who love to drive and for whom the journey is important – sometimes more important than the destination. I had no schedule for driving a WRX and a WRX STI in California for a couple of days – just a time limit.


So I showed up as early as possible to pick up the WRX – that one first, saving the STI for dessert. After consulting with a couple of the fellows at Event Solutions International (which prepares the cars for Subaru of America, Inc.), I chose Angeles Crest Highway north of Los Angeles for the WRX and the Rim of the World Scenic Highway for the STI. Being completely unfamiliar with both routes made them ideal.


Both cars were fitted with performance parts offered by Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT). These were specifically designed and engineered for the cars, and they're available at your Subaru dealer. SPT parts give you the opportunity to personalize the appearance and operation of your Subaru with the confidence of knowing that each one meets the demanding standards of the company that engineered your Subaru. Otherwise, it wouldn't be sold under the Subaru name. All SPT parts on the two cars included a warranty.

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