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Performance Auto Solutions – Tailor-Made Tuner
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Two Decades of Tuning


For more than 10 years, Dave Brown was active “in the tuning world, the sale of performance parts and accessories, and the building and installation of performance engines,” according to Brown. “I was growing my business and needed to expand.”

We are car enthusiasts who enjoy every build and project we do!

Dave Brown


So Performance Auto Solutions (PAS) was formed in Long Island in 2011.


He continued: “Our specialty and long-time love is upgrading Subaru vehicles and calibrating ECUs.” With their enthusiastic and enduring love of performance vehicles, Brown and partner perform everything from basic service to full engine upgrades in their 4,000-square-foot facility.


The list of possible upgrades seems endless, including “turbochargers, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, intercoolers, exhaust systems, and suspension systems,” said Brown. “Our engine upgrades are tailored to customer needs, such as connecting rods and crankshafts with forged pistons.”


Brown added: “I personally tune all of the vehicles we work on. I’ve been doing it for 11 years – that’s approximately 8,000 Subaru engines.”


Racing vehicles shown are driven by professionals on closed courses. Do not attempt.


All Subaru vehicles sold by Subaru of America are designed and built for normal driving conditions. The Subaru Limited Warranty, as well as the Subaru Added Security program, exclude damage or failure resulting from modifications or participation in competition or racing events. See the Subaru Warranty and Maintenance booklet for further details.



PAS Projects


Dave Brown stressed that every customer’s project is different, making a comprehensive overview of the shop’s work difficult. So Brown gave us a random sample of vehicles tuned by Performance Auto Solutions.


These four Subaru project vehicles demonstrate the shop’s attention to detail and their owners’ personal preferences.


When asked what the four owners wanted in their Subaru vehicles, Brown said, “More power. That’s the main thing.”





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