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Tech Features Abound in the All-New 2014 Turbo Forester

It’s (Almost) All New


Except for the 2.5-liter engine on the naturally aspirated 2.5i models, everything about the 2014 Forester is new. We wanted to highlight some of the more technically oriented features on the turbocharged models here.

Forester has built a strong reputation for safety, performance, dependability, and versatility through the first three generations. In addition to innovative technology, highlights for the 2014 model include a bolder exterior design and roomier interior, along with improved performance and higher fuel economy across the lineup.

You’d expect as much from the vehicle that pioneered the crossover segment!

Find more about the 2014 Forester in Spring 2013 Drive.



A Note Concerning Transmissions Across the Forester Model Line

In the non-turbo Forester, a 6-speed manual transmission replaces the 5-speed unit in previous models. The transmission is based on the one used in the Legacy, with further improvements in fuel economy and overall drivability.

For automatic shifting, Subaru offers two versions of its Lineartronic CVT instead of a conventional automatic transmission. Both versions are compact and lightweight in design, and achieve both an improvement in standing-start acceleration and quieter, more fuel-efficient performance at high-speed driving. They also employ new adaptive learning: Based on vehicle inputs, the CVTs adapt to road conditions and driving technique during driving.

The first CVT is for the 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, which is rated at 170 horsepower. It includes a driver-selectable low shift mode, which can provide additional engine braking when traveling down a grade.

The second CVT is upgraded for use with the more powerful engine in the 2.0XT models.





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