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Performance Profile:
Skateboarding – Bucky Lasek’s Other Set of Wheels

Competing with Larger Wheels


Subaru PUMA RallyCross Team WRX STI #81 is Bucky Lasek’s larger set of wheels.
Photo: Lars Gange |

What does Lasek do to keep up his auto racing skills? Obviously, he can’t slide a Subaru around the bowl behind his house. Instead, he takes his own modified WRX STI to track days as often as he can. He also competes regularly in Global Time Attack events in the stock AWD class when he’s not competing in skateboarding or rallycross. In addition, he practices with his shifter kart twice a week to continually hone his skills.


Lasek began to focus more on auto racing in 2005. He described himself as a weekend warrior, paying his own way at the time. His first significant victory came in the 2006 Toyota Pro/Celebrity race at the Grand Prix of Long Beach, where he not only beat fellow celebrities, but also took overall honors by beating the pro drivers as well.


After that, Lasek competed in a handful of road races at race tracks that include Daytona International Speedway and Sebring International Raceway. A couple of years ago he contemplated competing regularly in the GRAND-AM road racing series when his agent, Steve Astephen, recognized his enthusiasm and untapped skills as a race driver. He hooked up Lasek with PUMA and Subaru to join Dave Mirra and Sverre Isachsen on SPRT for the 2012 season.



Assessing RallyCross


Lasek said that driving for SPRT during the 2012 season was tough because he felt he was under the microscope in his first year as a professional race driver. “I was learning as a rookie on the team, and I was thrown into helping develop the rallycross cars,” he said.


Lasek is confident that he’ll be more competitive in rallycross in the 2013 season. He has a season’s experience under his belt, and there have been significant developments in the Subaru WRX STI since the last GRC event. Lasek is upbeat about the team and said he’ll be competing in the full GRC season.


Lasek might be all of 40 years of age, but he said, “Forty is the new 20. I’m competing against people who are younger than my daughter. I’m the oldest winning competitor in skateboarding.”


There’s no doubt the competitive spirit still runs strongly in Lasek. “I just want to win,” he said. “I feel great about where I am and feel this will be a great year.”


With his rookie year in the Global Rallycross Championship behind him, Lasek feels confident about the 2013 season.
Photo: Lars Gange |




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